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Jane performed the Lao Jia form in Musgrave Park in Belfast.  Click here to see the video.

Jane performed a new fan form at the Ulster Hall in Belfast.  Click here to see the video.

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Tai Chi is a slow moving form of exercise, a gentle looking, balletic martial art, originating in China. It is now popular all over the World.

Here are some Tai Chi facts:

Exercise/ Relaxation/ Martial Art

Tai Chi is all of the above.  A suitable exercise form for all ages and abilities, Tai Chi gives a thorough workout for the whole body and mind.  My classes concentrate on holistic health aspects of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a very calming and holistically balancing activity.  This is because each movement is thoughtfully executed.  By focusing our minds on the movements of our bodies and energy, we practice the ancient art of Qi Gong (fortafication of vitality).

Tai Chi is what’s called an Internal or Soft martial art, meaning that the emphasis is on building the body’s energy levels through slow deliberate movements, rather than muscle power and speed. Some teachers focus on the martial side of Tai Chi, some on the energetic side, while others favour choreography.  All need to have a thorough understanding of each aspect as they are all essential elements of the Art of Tai Chi.  My classes emphasise building vitality and learning the forms while keeping the accuracy of the martial movements.
Will Tai Chi suit me?

Due to its gentle nature, Tai Chi is even suitable for those of us with more delicate constitutions as well as being an excellent way for fit people to stay fit. 

Regardless of your initial fitness levels, through studying  Tai Chi, they are sure to rise along with your general health.

Tai Chi is reported to help with all sorts of health problems, including:

     •  Recuperation
     •  Balance
     •  Blood pressure
     •  Circulation
     •  Stress
     •  Insomnia
     •  Fatigue
     •  Dementia
     •  Stiffness/arthritis
     •  Posture/core stability
     •  Bone strength
     •  Asthma
     •  Depression
     •  Co-ordination
     •  Digestion

To name but a few!

New benefits are reported daily.

What’s a Tai Chi Class Like?

There are 5 different styles of Tai Chi.  You may study:

Chen, Yang,Wu, Wu or Son styles.

All of which follow the principles of Tai Chi, but look a little different from each other.

Classes begin with an extensive warm up, gently mobilising each joint and muscle in turn. 

Then come stretches, and vitality practice (Qi Gong)
Sometimes this includes simple movements repeated, sometimes in walking and sometimes standing.

Depending on the class, you may then learn Form, or Pushing Hands.  “Form” is a sequence of steps and postures which normally take a year to 2 years to learn depending on the frequency of the classes.  Form can be practiced as a sequence with one person, or in a large group.  Pushing hands is partner work, practiced by the more experienced student.

Finally the class warm down.
What is Tai Chi?
(Tai Ji Quan)
"Every day is a good day"
with thanks to  the artist
Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang
"Jade Maiden plays shuttles" 

with thanks to  the artist
Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang