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Jane performed the Lao Jia form in Musgrave Park in Belfast.  Click here to see the video.

Jane performed a new fan form at the Ulster Hall in Belfast.  Click here to see the video.

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Master Chen Xiaowang performing Laojia Yi Lu  in 2013
Here is Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang showing clearly how movements we use in the form are used in the martial context. Of course in a real fight scenario, knowledge of these moves must be very well known through many hours of sparing. But it is useful to see the moves in action, to inform our movements in form.
Jane Burke (Zhu) performing First section of the Fan Form  in 2008
filmed by Meabh McDonnell
Kung Fu Fan Form song with lyrics
Video taken by:  Hei Shan Tao
For Chinese New Year 2015, Jane performed with the QUB Success Chinese Lion Dance Society in the Ulster Hall in Belfast.

The fan form she performed was choreographed by Jane.
Master Chen Xiao Wang performing Silk Reeling.
Jane practicing Lao Jia in Musgrave Park, Belfast
(Watch out for the little dogs who try to join in!)
The principles of tai chi chuan explained by the
Here is a link to a very informative website.  Have a look.